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I am a Spanish to English translator and am the perfect fit to solve all your translation needs. You can read more about my translation services and specializations below.


• Tourism and Hospitality:

Spain expects to receive over 65 million tourists from all around the world in 2015. Will you be ready for them? I have experience in the translation of hotel brochures, websites for time shares, Spanish restaurants, active tourism brochures, airline websites and mobile hiking applications.

             * Clients through translation agencies include: Delta Airlines, LAN Airlines, TAM Airlines, the Principality of Asturias, Naturapps

• Advertising/Marketing:

Make sure your texts are culturally and linguistically adapted to your target markets! What works for a British audience will need to be adapted for an American one. I have experience subtitling fashion advertisements for American television, slogans for Asturian tourism marketing campaign and marketing material for business and tourism conferences in Colombia.

            * Clients through translation agencies include: Desigual

• Finance:

Translation of bank statements, end of year financial reviews and other general finance documents.

            * Clients through translation agencies include: Bank of America, Oriental Bank

• Official Documents:

Need to prepare documents for immigration or prove what you’ve studied? I translate birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates, school transcripts, passports and driver’s licenses.


• Proofreading/editing:

Make sure your English document is ready for use! I can do a final check on any documents you have in English to make sure they are well-written, mistake-free and ready-to-use.


How do I set my rates?

My rates are usually based on the number of words in the source text (the Spanish text). They also vary according to the readability and difficulty of the text, formatting requirements, requested delivery time as well as file type.

Proofreading, checking and editing projects are typically charged at an hourly rate or at a flat rate.

Documents with fewer than 250 words are subject to a minimum fee.

Please contact me for a free and non-binding quote.

*I am a voting member of the American Translator's Association (ATA).


Ata American Traslators Association

Molly Yurick
+34 665 497 915
Oviedo (Spain)