About Yurick Translations


Language Combinations: Spanish to English

Native Language: English

Areas of Specialization: Tourism and hospitality,
advertising, marketing, finance and official documents

Qualifications & Memberships:
• Member of the American Translator’s Association
• Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Global Studies
• Certificate in Medical Interpreting
• Continuing Education:

     o Translation in Travel and Tourism, Proz Webinar

     o Getting Started as a Freelance Translator, Business Course

     o Improving your Work Efficiently and Effectively, ATA webinar


My personal goal is to make my life passions- Spanish culture, history and heritage- legible, important and interesting for English speaking audiences. I want all English speakers to be able to enjoy, appreciate and fall in love with Spain and all its beauty, just as I have.

I have a long history with Spain. And it’s my passion.

I am a Minnesota native. As a child I went to a Spanish Immersion Elementary School, where at the young age of five my school days were spent entirely in Spanish. We were taught all about South American and Spanish history and culture, and I took it all in. We had teaching assistants that came from all around the Spanish speaking world, and I absolutely adored them.

I truly fell in love with Spain when I was just 10 years old on a family trip to Barcelona. We stayed at a nearby campsite and I spent the week playing “Cops and Robbers” on the beach with the local kids- I couldn’t believe I could communicate with them so easily. When I was 13 my middle school took a group of my classmates and me on a trip to Spain, which included 1 week of traveling and exploring and a 1 week homestay. It was on this trip that I promised myself I would move to Spain when I was older.

In college, I quickly opted for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and Global Studies and a Certificate in Medical Interpreting. I studied abroad in my adored Barcelona for six months, where I focused on taking in all of Spain’s history and culture had to offer by living with a local family and traveling as much as I could. During college I started to work part time as a medical interpreter and freelance translator in the Minneapolis area, and when I finished college in 2009 I moved to Spain to work as a Cultural Ambassador for the Spanish Government. I have been here ever since.

After 22 years of speaking Spanish, eight years of working as a cultural ambassador, interpreter and translator, and almost six years of total immersion in Spanish culture, language and lifestyle, I can provide my clients with an advanced bi-cultural and bilingual perspective. My priority is to make Spanish culture, history and heritage legible, interesting and important to English speaking audiences in the tourism industry in Spain.

In my free time I enjoy Latin dancing, photography, scrapbooking, hiking and swimming.


Ata American Traslators Association

Molly Yurick
+34 665 497 915
Oviedo (Spain)

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